When Changes Need to be Made in a Rush

I often advocate taking your time when it comes to research and problem-solving in your home business. I generally think that if we can slow down, take our time and do our homework we tend to make better decisions and choices and be less stressed about it. It is not always possible, however, to slow everything down and do a thorough investigation—sometimes we are forced to make changes and adjustments and we have do to it in a rush…

To be fair, sometimes the quick decisions and changes turn out to be the best. Other times, it can just be a temporary fix while you take the time to come up with a better plan. When it comes to running a business, however, there are going to be times when you need to think fast and move even faster.

Don’t let doubts keep you from being able to think and act fast. Put those doubts on hold and dig into your instinct. It is often a great guide and the typical doubts just get in the way. When you need to make quick changes, there is no room for doubt. Trust that you are taking a calculated risk and start by doing the minimum. That way if you need to make adjustments or a more thorough change down the line, you can buy a little time.

Have a support team to help you when you have to act fast. I have learned that it helps to have someone you can call and bounce ideas off of when you are in a rush or someone you can e-mail when you need advice or support fast. By having a diverse group of people in your “support team” you will be able to make quicker decisions and changes and have the encouragement that can help you to leap when you absolutely have to.

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