When Do Items Go on Sale at the Grocery Store?

If you pay careful attention or know the tips, then you can predict when items will go on sale. This will help you to stock up and always get the absolutely lowest prices on all of your grocery items.

What Day of the Month Is It?

Grocery stores want to take advantage of the times when you have money but still get you to buy when money is running low. Therefore they employ a little strategy to make you want to shop at the store.
At the beginning of the month, many stores put their name brand popular items on sale because they know that many people get paid on the first of the month or start a new budget.

At the end of the month, look for store brand or off brand items to go on sale. People tend to have less cash then, so more generic items can be more attractive to them.

‘Tis the Season

Since stores want to get you to come in and do all of your shopping right there and then, they will put the things that you need at the moment on sale. Once they get you in the door, you’ll probably spend a lot more on other items. Holidays are a big trigger for certain food items, such as cranberry sauce in November, strawberries around the fourth of July and ham around Easter.

Stock up on these items and then freeze, can or store them, so you can enjoy the sales for months. Just make sure to rotate your stockpile as needed to avoid waste.


Finally, if you want to have the most accurate account of when things go on sale, you should keep a price book. This is where you list your often used items and note the prices and the dates (or week that they go on sale). This way, you can track the sale prices, which generally rotate and come back around every four to six weeks. You’ll also know what your lowest prices are for your items, so you’ll know right away if a better deal becomes available.

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