When Do You Give Up Your Stroller?

I’m always intrigued by parents’ answers to this and their justifications for keeping the stroller. Not at all that I necessarily think it’s bad to keep the stroller around. I just find that it’s different for each family–and that some parents have very strong opinions about what to do. So I offer up the question for you to answer. When do you give up your stroller and insist that junior walk?

My Answer:

None of my children have ridden in a stroller past 18 months. As soon as they are walking, we insist (within reason) that they do so although we can still be seen toting a stroller for at least another year after that. Why would we do that to our children you might ask?

1. Most of you who regularly read my blogs, know that we live in New York City. New Yorkers walk. I generally walk several blocks, all kids in tow, to just get to my vehicle. That’s IF I’m driving somewhere. If I’m not, and we’re taking the train. . .well, then there’s more walking. Not to mention the fact that you can’t even get on a bus with a stroller (well that’s only partially true. . .) and it’s not that easy to get on and off the subway with a stroller either. Walking is a lifestyle here and I’ve found that my kids do just fine walking all over town if need be.

2. We are not big stroller fans. Have you ever tried pushing a stroller in wall to wall people? It’s not that easy. We learned quickly that it’s much easier to sling the baby to go out and about. . .and so that’s what we do. The lighter we travel, the more we’re able to see.

The Benefits

I have to say that our unintentional practice of giving up a stroller early, has a serious side benefit. My children probably walk at least 2 miles every day; weather permitting. In a nation that is struggling with obesity as an epidemic, the idea that they can and are happy to walk wherever makes me think that maybe we’re setting a foundation for enjoying fitness.

So when do you give up your stroller?