When Should You Choose Your Birth Control?

baby If you’ve decided to wait to become sexually active until you’re married, and your wedding date is approaching, you may have questions about birth control. Many couples choose to wait a little while before starting their families. Perhaps they want to finish school, or get settled in their new homes—maybe they want time to get to know each other as husband and wife before they become mother and father. It may be that you aren’t sure if parenthood is right for you. Whatever your reasoning, you have questions, and they need to be answered.

But when?

The sooner the better.

There are many different forms of birth control to choose from, and many of them work hormonally. Because of this, they may take time to enter your system and begin to do their jobs. You will want to ask your doctor how long your prescription takes to kick in. If, after you do your research and select a certain pill, you discover that it will take X amount of time to work, you obviously want to know that before your wedding night. The more natural the pill, the longer it may take to work. Wild yam, for example, can be very effective, but it takes six weeks to kick in.

Of course, barrier methods are instantaneous, and other types of pills work very quickly. But if you want to know what all your alternatives are, you should look into it a good two months before your wedding date. This will give you the widest array of possible choices and allow whatever you choose to build up in your system before you really need it. Delaying until the last minute may leave you with only a few choices, and you may feel disappointed that you weren’t able to select from a broader spectrum.

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