When to Spend More on Your Furniture

Usually, I try to do everything I can to save money around our home. We make do with used or free items, even when it comes to furniture. Our dining room set, for example, was purchased at a yard sale and is serving us very well. Before that, we had a smaller table that was free and covered with a table cloth to cover up its imperfections.

That is why you may find it surprising that there are certain times when I actually advocate spending more on your furniture. There are only a few instances, but in the long run, investing in the best quality you can afford will actually save you in the long run.

When it will be heavily used

If you have a piece of furniture that will wind up taking a lot of ongoing use, then investing in a higher quality item makes sense. A good quality sofa, for example, can always be reupholstered when the fabric wears instead of being replaced. You’ll save that way.

A less expensive sofa will show wear quickly and will not have a very long life span in your home, because springs may pop, cheap foam may get lumpy, etc.

A good quality piece in a timeless design can often be resold if you decide that you want something different, thereby allowing you to recoup some of your original cost.

When it is a matter of comfort

Comfortable items can become the staple of your home. Items that are uncomfortable are usually quickly replaced or not used, making the money that you spent wasted. While not all investment furniture may be comfortable, finding pieces that are will ensure that your money is well spent. You might want to spend a little more on a mattress, for example, since it will determine how well you sleep for at least the next 10 years.

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