When You Can’t Gain Enough Weight

For many women, gaining weight is synonymous with pregnancy. However, not all women gain so easily. For some women, gaining enough weight is very difficult. There are many reasons for this: morning sickness, a fast metabolism, lack of appetite, nausea and a fear of gaining weight.

Healthy weight gain is important during pregnancy. It’s important for the baby’s development as well as the mother’s health. The weight you gain nourishes the baby during the pregnancy and is stored for producing breast milk after the baby is born.

Not gaining enough weight can be very dangerous. Low birth weight and preterm labor can result from an insufficient weight gain. Gaining less than twenty pounds can result in the baby being small for gestational age. This is an indication that the baby was malnourished during the pregnancy.

The recommended range for weight gain is between twenty five and thirty five pounds. If you were underweight when you got pregnant, your doctor may recommend that you gain a bit more. Underweight women are often told to gain between twenty eight and forty pounds. The amount you need to gain will depend on your pre pregnancy weight.

The doctor will help you determine the amount you should gain during your pregnancy. Ask your doctor or midwife for help with your diet, if you aren’t gaining enough. If you aren’t gaining enough or are losing weight, you may be referred to a nutritionist. This professional will evaluate your diet and make suggestions for reaching your goals.

Tips for Gaining Weight:

* Eat frequent, small meals (6 per day)

* Increase calories by adding mayo, butter, or dressing

* Avoid diet or low calorie foods

* Drink high calorie, nutritious protein shakes

* Choose nutritious drinks (milk, juice, smoothies)

* Keep nutritious snacks handy for when you are hungry

* Add cheese to vegetables, potatoes

* Add nuts and seeds to snacks and recipes

* Ask the doctor before using any supplement for weight gain

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