When You Hate Your Handwriting

Hate is such a strong word.

Still, there are some scrapbookers who refuse to handwrite journal entries, page titles or photo captions because they despise the look of their chicken scratch.

Fortunately for all of you haters out there, free fonts are just a click away.

ScrapbookingFonts.com is a saving grace for people who shy away from adding their own handwriting to memory album layouts. The site has a slew of cursive fonts to choose from. You can either print out the fancy writing and add it to a traditional scrapbook or use the fonts directly on the page of a digital scrapbook.

If you are looking for a style of cursive that will add some pizzazz to a princess-themed layout, consider opting for Scrapbooking.com’s “Kayleigh” font. The letters are whimsical, light and playful with curly edges. For a more sophisticated look, you might want to give “Porcelain” a try. The elegant cursive font is dramatic enough to use in a wedding or 50th anniversary scrapbook. My personal favorite is “Anke Calligraphy”. The font looks like handwriting done by a real calligraphy pen rather than computer generated script.

Witty Living.com and Da Font are also excellent sites to visit if you are looking to download free handwriting fonts. The latter has a litany of cursive options with intriguing titles like “Brock Script” (very elegant and stylish) to “Rousseau Script” (has an Old English look to it) to “Splendid Ornamenty” (features feminine swirls) and “Chopin Script” (uses shadowy flourishes on all of the capital letters)

A bonus to visiting the aforementioned sites is that they are extremely easy to navigate and downloading your favorite picks is a breeze. Typically, all you need to do is click on the sample font you want to download and it will automatically save to your computer. Other sites work with zip files which require you to have a file expansion program to open the program.

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