Where Are All the Scrapbook Magazines? (1)

In recent months, it seems many scrapbook magazines have gone way ward. In fact, I’m not sure why, because a few of them were very popular and were a wonderful addition to the scrapbooking world. So where did all the scrapbook magazines go, and who’s left standing?

Well, in order to truly talk about all the scrapbooking magazines that have disappeared, I have to go way back.

Pebbles in My Pocket

The first one to leave was called Pebbles in My Pocket, which was a catalog mixed with an idea book and then later became just an idea magazine with ads. It was a wonderful resource for ideas, but of course were much more basic back then.

Along the Way

I have several copies of this magazine. I believe this is where Pebbles went when it turned into a magazine rather than a catalog. I loved this magazine, I was addicted. I used to have every issue, but over the years I purged most of them.

Ivy Cottage

Ivy Cottage was one of the earliest modern day scrapbooking magazines, and there has been some buzz that they now publish under the name of Scrapbooking and Beyond. I could not confirm that, however if you have a chance to get a copy of an old issue of Ivy Cottage, check it out. It had terrific articles, great layouts and I actually watched regular contributors’ children grow up. I miss it.


This one left us in early 2006 after many great years and a great publication. It had one of the best creative teams, the staff was friendly and the ideas were abundant. There was a lot of speculation on why it left, but bankruptcy seems to be the answer.

Many more magazines coming next in Where Are All the Scrapbook Magazines?(2) Where you will see more of the current magazines that are still standing, with the expeception of a few.