Where Are All The Scrapbook Magazines? (2)

In an earlier article, I exposed some older scrapbooking magazines that have now gone defunct. Now its time to take a closer look at scrapbooking magazines in more recent years.

Creating Keepsakes

My favorite, still. It has almost always had a place in the industry since I can remember. The leader in scrapbooking magazines as well as idea books, Creating Keepsakes is one of those resources you come back to again and again. Still standing after over ten years, it isn’t going anywhere for a long time to come.

Making Memories

This would be the other “original” scrapbook magazine. Again, in active duty over ten years and counting. It used to be the magazine that seemed dedicated to the 12×12 scrapbooker when 12×12 wasn’t exactly the most common size. Now they have something for everyone and they continue to be a leader in the scrapbooking industry not just with magazines, but idea books.

Simple Scrapbooks

Brought to us by the same people that brought us Creating Keepsakes. This magazine was designed for the simple scrapbooker and the person who ideally enjoys a more basic and simple design and layout. It is growing strong and is in the top scrapbook magazines of all time slot.

Scrapbook Answers

A wonderful scrapbook magazine that I honestly fell in love with instantly. To date, I feel it was the best magazine out there. Period. Unfortunately, they have gone out and in November, all current subscriptions were transferred to Scrapbooks, Etc. for the remaining issues. The poor magazine was only in circulation one year, and was honestly the best. Each issue came with a CD filled with multi-media products like programs to try, fonts to install and layout ideas.

Scrapbooks Etc.

I believe this was one of the last long living scrap magazines created. It still is going strong today and gets better and better with each passing year. It is chock full of ideas and great resources for scrapbookers. It is brought to us by Better Homes and Gardens, and was originally only published as “special” issues. Now there is a monthly subscription available and it is worth it.

There are other magazines out there, but I tried to concentrate on the monthly or bi-monthly scrap magazines, as well as those that were made in the US.