Where Are The Jobs? – Bonus Tip

I wanted to include one more idea for job searching. This one works best for professional positions where you already have experience in the field or you have education in that field. This one takes time, but it can be very effective.

Target Specific Companies:
Many job openings are never posted to the public. That’s why you have to get to the company before they hire someone. There are several ways of doing this, but here are my recommendations.

1.Start by making a list of companies where you would like to work. Make a list of 10-15 if possible. Collect important information like address, phone number and contact person (getting a specific name is very important) for each one.

2.Draft a letter to the person explaining your skills, education and why you want to work for that company. Mention in the letter that you will be sending your resume in the future. Be sure your contact information is in the letter. Send this letter all by itself – without your resume.

3.About a week later, write another letter. This one should be different from the first, but it should also talk about your skills, why you want to work for the company and why you would be a good fit. Mention that your resume is attached and that you would like to have the chance to come in for an interview. Also mention that you will follow up with a call in about a week’s time.

4.Now it’s time to call. Ask for the person who has been receiving your letters. The person will already know who you are and you can even say “he’s expecting my call” because it’s true! Talk to the person about your skills and experience. Ask if there are any open positions in the company that will fit your experience. Then, ask if you can come in for an interview.

If you repeat this sequence with each company that you listed, you should come out with at least one or two interviews. If not, then keep trying. This technique works because you are getting to the employer often before a job is posted. You also have the chance to show them that you have initiative and that you follow through with your commitments. This active presentation of your qualities can go a long way in persuading an employer to give you a chance with their company.