Where Are You?

So you’re ready to start dating again and you are worried about how in the world you are going to go out there and find Mr. Right? As a single mom it can be hard to get out there and meet people. Your days are filled with kids and messes and work and more messes and running errands and, you guessed it, more messes! How do you possibly find the time to date in there too? It isn’t easy. Trying to find a babysitter so you can go out on Friday night can be more than a hassle. Instead I decided to go out on the nights my son was at his dad’s. I could have used those nights to catch up on the housework or to get some laundry done, but it was important enough to me to get out there that I just did it anyway.

So where do you go to meet these people? In my case, I knew I didn’t want to go out to the club to just meet some guy. The kind of guy I was looking for wouldn’t be there anyways. So I turned to a dating site that one of my good friends had told me about. Believe it or not I met some half way decent guys on there. I liked that in an online situation I could lay everything out, they knew right away that I was divorced and had a child, and if they couldn’t handle that then they could move on to the next profile. But on the off chance that they did send me a message, they already knew the situation and had accepted it. Of course, any time you are dealing with the online world it is important to keep yourself safe. Never give out your information and always meet in a public place. There were also a fair amount of creeps on there, one of them literally wanted to be a clown, didn’t have a driver’s license, and made me drive us around for our little date. Classy huh? There are always plenty to weed out, but every once in a while a good one comes along.

Also, let people know that you are on the market again. The nice thing about being set up is that again they already know the situation and have accepted it. If they didn’t they wouldn’t have agreed to the date in the first place.

Don’t worry so much about whether or not each guy is “the one.” Just enjoy your time together and see where things lead. Be patient and give time for the friendship to develop. In the end, who cares if the guy never calls again? Your kids are calling from the living room, and they think you’re pretty amazing!

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I am a single mother to a sweet little 4 year old boy named Logan. I am almost done with my degree in Elementary Education and have loved every second of it. I love writing for Families.com and hope to be able to help other single moms through the difficulties of raising a child on your own.