Where Do I Turn for Peace

In a world so filled with chaos, sorrow and danger, where is it we can turn for peace? Where may we find surcease from Satan’s fiery darts, the constant whispering of his minions and indeed the complete influx of sin, degradation and evil coming at us in waves? Dotting the land, we find temples, the houses of the Lord.

We are taught, from as early as we can begin to understand, that going to the temple, completing the ordinances and taking additional covenants is our firm goal. But until you’ve been to the temple you can’t really understand what treasures exist within those walls. Anyone from the age of twelve on is eligible to enter within those sacred walls. But nothing stops others from walking the grounds of the temple and taking advantage of the beauty and peace that exists there as well.

When you step through the doors of the temple you instantly feel the world cease to exist. Your mind is clear and even if you are sick and exhausted, there is a peace that permeates the soul. The purpose of the temple is to first make your own covenants, complete your own ordinances thereby making you eligible to do the same for the millions who came before you. If you will do more than mark your time in the temple, then you will step out rejuvenated and elated that you have helped complete the ordinances for one more person. Because of your unselfishness in doing this service for your ancestors, if they accept the work (and most do) then they will shower you with love, gratitude and all the help they are able to provide from their heavenly viewpoint.

If one enters the temple to learn, be edified and to grow . . . then indeed, as you do this marvelous service for someone else, you will benefit and walk out with your mind and spirit enlarged. If you truly understand the gift our Lord offers us, then you know that there is nothing more precious on this earth, then stepping into the temple and insuring that the patriarchal line from Adam to the last child born on this earth is complete.

So this, this is where I turn for peace, the temples of the Lord.