Where Do You Fit?

Right back in New Testament time, people responded to Jesus in different ways. They still do today. As we look at Mark 3:7-19, where do you see yourself?

1. The crowd followed Jesus not because of who he was but what he could do for them, verses 7-10.
Why do you and I follow Jesus?

2. The evil spirits recognized Jesus for who He was – the Son of God, verse 11 but the crowd saw Him only as a miracle worker.
Do you recognize and acknowledge Jesus as the Son of God but still continue in evil and refuse to come to him as Lord? Do you see him the way the crowd did, as merely as a miracle worker?

3. Jesus called his special ones that He had chosen and they came to him – no excuses, no hesitation, they just went, verse 13. His call was clear and unmistakable.
Our call to service should be as clear and unmistakable, and our response of obedience just as immediate.

4. Jesus did not call all his disciples to the same ministry, verses 13 and 14. Neither did he choose those that might appear most suitable but those he wanted.
We should not worry about what others have been called to do – only what Jesus has called us to do.

5. Out of those he had chosen, Jesus appointed twelve to be apostles, verse 14. These twelve were sent out with a specific purpose in mind- to preach and drive out demons, verse 15.
You may not be called to preach and drive out demons, but make no mistake; Jesus has a plan and purpose for you. For what specific purpose or mission has Jesus called you? Are you prepared to obey that call?

6. Verses 16-19 lists those Jesus chose to be His inner circle of friends- the twelve apostles. Amongst Simon Peter, John, James and the others including Matthew (or has he had been previously known Levi, the tax collector,) we see some interesting inclusions. Several of these men were uneducated fishermen. John and James, Jesus called ‘sons of thunder’ which probably tells us something about their personalities.
We should not be surprised that Jesus calls those we might consider unsuitable or even ill equipped to be His disciples. Jesus knows those he has chosen and how they can best serve Him.

7. You will notice the last name in this list is that of Judas Iscariot, verse 19. Does this mean Jesus made a mistake with Judas and did not know how he would end up betraying Him? No. The Son of God doesn’t make mistakes in those He chooses. Even though Judas became the one who betrayed Jesus, the choosing of Judas to be one of the twelve was part of His plan.
All bible verses from the New International Version

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