Where do You Go for Suggestions and Referrals as a Single Parent?

There are many things as single parents that we share in common with other parents—whether they are married, partnered or not. So many of our concerns and issues are the same that we can go to the same sources for information and advice. There are times, however, when we need single-parent-family-friendly advice, referrals or suggestions and we might not know where to go to access that help and information…

While some general and generic parenting books and articles have been helpful to me, I also have a couple books that are specific to the single parenting experience. Books on co-parenting, custody arrangements, and boundary setting and discipline as a single parent have been especially helpful to me over the years. I have also had cause to find day care, family therapists, and extra-curricular activities that are compatible with a one-parent household and I have gone to various resources for these. The best resource, I must admit, has been other single parents!

If you belong to a support group or socializing group made up of other single parents, ask them for advice, suggestions and referrals—they can be a great, supportive resources and you can learn from the bumps and bruises they have already endured. If you do access help lines, referral services, etc., but sure to share with them that you are a single parent and are looking for services or situations that will be compatible with your circumstance. This could relate to preschools, school, neighborhoods, etc. Do you really want your child to be the only one in the social circle being raised by a single parent or to see others who have similar experiences?

We single parents quickly learn how to advocate for our kids and our one-parent families and the best way to find supportive situations, institutions, environments, etc. is to ask and network!

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