Where Have All the Cobblers Gone?

Some things that use to be a normal way of life for our parents or grandparents have slowly faded away. For instance, when was the last time you got a pair of shoes repaired? You may even ask, “Are there people that repair shoes anymore?”

In the past, one would wear a pair of shoes until they were actually worn out. Today, shoes are so much of a fashion statement that many women have a closet full of them. Shoes are no longer something we worry about keeping for a long time. Generally, the shoes we own today go out of style long before they get used up.

Still, there are ways to be more frugal about our footwear without looking shabby or out of style. Consider these options for saving money on your feet:

Buy Timeless. Instead of always buying the most outrageous fashion find, look for shoes that are a classy style that won’t be passe in a few years. Neutral colors will always be in. The longer your shoes will remain in style, the better use you’ll get out of them.

Think Versatile. Shoes that can be worn with different types of clothes are also a money-saver. A pair that only looks good with one specific outfit is generally not the best use of your money.

Do quality. Buying the least expensive shoes is not always the best bargain. Instead, try to get a great deal on a more reliable, longer-lasting brand. Buy used, or buy on clearance, but buy quality.

Get repairs. We might at first think our shoes are ruined if the heal gets broken off or the stitching comes out. But instead of throwing them away, look for a shoe repair shop in your area. Yes, they really do still exist, although there are fewer of them than there use to be. A simple repair will cost you much less than a whole new pair of shoes.