Where Should I Put the Desk?

My brother in law gave me a desk yesterday. It was nice of him to think of me and the best part is, it’s exactly like the one I originally chose for my home office. When I first started writing, I asked for a desk for Christmas that year, which my husband gave me to help me begin setting up my home office. It didn’t manage to stay in my room very long, and instead soon became the family computer desk. I didn’t mind, but I always wished I could find another one like it. It’s just the right size and configuration for me.

Currently, I have a small computer desk surrounded by other pieces in my bedroom. So, I was pleasantly surprised not only when my brother in law offered me the desk, but especially when I learned it was just like my other one. Now, all I have to do is figure out where to put these other pieces to make room for it! I may actually keep one piece, and move the smaller desk into my older girls’ room. My oldest wants to take with her when she goes to college, which is going to come about all too soon.

The desk will fit where the smaller one currently sits if I remove the table next to it as well. However, now I’m thinking I might want to re-do things. The big desk is currently sitting in the living room, waiting patiently for me to make up my mind. That’s what made me think I might re-evaluate my office set up. Maybe, I should move my office into the living room. That doesn’t really seem like a great idea, especially since there is already one computer in there. It’s going to end up looking much more like an office than a living room at that rate.

Then I saw Michele’s article on having a home office in the kitchen. I have two shelves along one wall that I could move either into the pantry or the utility to retain the storage, and then I could place my desk there. I think it might be a little awkward, plus I already spend too much time in the kitchen the way it is!

No, I think I’ll keep my home office in my bedroom after all. That will no doubt make my husband very happy… well, until he finds out I decided I want to rearrange the bedroom for a new look to go with my “new” office.

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