Where To Find Christmas Cards On Sale

Christmas card The bigger your family, the more Christmas cards you are going to need. My family is huge, and I have learned that the best way to be able to afford to buy all the Christmas cards I need is to plan ahead, and to buy a few boxes of Christmas cards, rather than to buy each family member an individual Christmas card. I find this is the best way to save money on Christmas cards.

I have become something of an expert when it comes to finding sales on Christmas cards. Most of these sales will begin the week before Thanksgiving. Some stores will increase the discount on their boxed Christmas cards as the calendar rolls closer to Christmas. If you wait until after Christmas is over, you can find an excellent discount on whatever boxed Christmas cards are leftover. But, the problem with waiting too long is that you end up with less of a selection. So, if you have run out of boxed Christmas cards, and you still have some family members to send cards to, now is the time to find a good deal on Christmas cards.

Here are a few ideas about where to go to save on boxed Christmas cards:

Borders has boxes of Christmas cards right now that start at $9.99 and go up to $15.99. There are a variety of designs to choose from, including drawings of Santa, or photographs of winter scenes. Some boxes only contain ten cards, while others have as many as 28 cards. Many of their boxed cards are only available from the Borders website.

Barnes & Noble has a sale on their entire selection of boxed Christmas cards right now. They are currently 30% off the list price if you shop from the website. I usually check to see what Barnes & Noble has first, because, in my experience, they have the widest selection of designs, styles, and artwork to choose from.

Amazon seems to have a completely different selection of boxed Christmas cards to choose from every year. Get a box of 12 cards and envelopes for around $8.00. Or, go for the big box of 27 Elegant Hand Crafted Holiday cards that come with matching self-sealing envelopes for around $34.00. This set used to cost nearly $60.00 before the sale.

Target has an excellent sale on boxed Christmas cards right now. Pick up a box of 40 Christmas cards for only $12.00. You can take advantage of this sale from either their website, or from their physical stores.

Image by Shimelle Laine on Flickr