Where to Find Templates for Book Reviews

books Would you like your children to become book lovers? One way to do that is to get them into the habit of reading lots of books. Book reports are a good tool to determine how well your child is comprehending the book that he or she just read. Here are a few places to find printable book report templates.

Writing a book report allows kids to practice a skill that will help them to have a detailed discussion about books with other people. It might not be as fun as some of the alternatives to book reports, but it is a useful thing to learn. You can always have your child extend the lesson with a fun, creative, assignment that relates to the book after the book report is done.

You do not necessarily have to use a book report template each and every time you give your child the assignment of doing a book report. However, printable book report templates can be really handy to have on hand to make things a little quicker when you are short on time. Some children will benefit from having a specific format to follow.

Classroom Jr. has a book report outline that is designed to be used by students who are older. It has spaces where your child can fill in the book title, the author, and the main characters. There is room to write about the setting, main events, main conflicts & resolution, and symbolism and message of the story. There is also room for important reference sources and pages.

Crayola.com has a book report that is in the shape of a flower. The title of the book goes on the stem, and the author goes in the center of the flower.

Each petal asks a question about the book that you child can answer on the lines provided. There is a leaf shape for other books that are similar to the one that the book report is being written about. When your child finishes the book report, her or she can cut out the pieces and put together the flower.

ABC Teach has a book report form that is designed to be used for a report on a book that is a biography.

ABC Teach also has a book report template that is designed to be used for a report of a book that was written by Dr. Seuss. The form says that Dr. Seuss wrote over sixty books. You might have the need to print out a few additional copies of this book report form.

Busy Teacher’s Cafe has a book report form that would be great for kids who have just learned enough information to be able to do a book report. Each section is separated into its own box, which makes it really easy to differentiate between the different parts of a book report.

Image by Brandi Jordan on Flickr