Where To Find The Best Sketches for Your Scrapbooking Layouts

Sketches make scrapbooking fast, period. Just choose the photographs you want on a layout and find a layout depicting that number of photos. You can choose our own papers, embellishments and other coordinating pieces to your layout, but the design is basically done for you. You just gotta love sketches!

So how do you find all the wonderful sketches available to you? There are dozens of places to look.

Find Them in Scrapbook Magazines

Magazines are a great place to get sketches. Typically they have sketch ideas and then sample layouts. It is an easy place to find them, and more than likely some of the scrapbook magazines you have laying around have some inside. Just open the pages and look, you’ll find tons of inspiration.

Get Them in Idea Books

There are several idea books out that are totally based on sketches. Some offer sketch ideas, while others offer a few ideas and lots and lots of layouts using those sketches. Becky Higgins books are among the most popular and you can get those at various locations including scrapbook stores, online auction sites and used booksellers.

Search For Them Online

There are so many different places to find sketches online. In fact, some websites have small sections while other websites have a total site completely dedicated to sketches. Knowing where to look can be helpful, so watch for an article in the scrapbooking blog titled Finding Scrapbook Sketches Online soon.

Or Just Create Your Own

Do you ever create your own sketches? This can be helpful when you are desperate to scrapbook and you might just want to recreate your layout. You don’t even have to do it from scratch. Grab an old layout and draw a sketch depicting where everything goes.

Where do you get your inspiration or sketches from?