Where to Get A Good Deal on Halloween Candy

Halloween candy Halloween is on October 31, which falls on a Sunday this year. Depending on where you live, you may have trick-or-treaters at your door Friday night, all day on Saturday, and potentially Sunday night as well. Be prepared, by stocking up on Halloween candy. Now is a great time to do that, because there are a lot of sales to choose from.

The last thing you want to have happen is to run out of candy before the trick-or-treating is over. You might also need to stock up on a large supply of candy if you are attending a big Halloween event held by your church, or your child’s school. Since we are so close to Halloween, a lot of stores are having sales on their Halloween candy. They need to move it out so they can put Christmas items in it’s place. This is one example where waiting until the last minute is beneficial, because now is the time to get a great deal on Halloween candy.

Walmart has an online sale on Halloween candy. Get a 6 pack of extra large lollipops that are shaped like a skull for $6.00. Get two bags that contain a mix of different kinds of fun sized candies, (including Dots and Tootsie Rolls), for $10.00. If you are looking for candy that you can snack on at home, you might want to get a 4 pack of Brach’s Autumn Candy mix. It’s just $8.00! The little candy corns and pumpkin candies in this mix are a favorite Halloween treat for many people.

Amazon also has a sale on Halloween items right now. Save up to 40% off the cost of your favorite fun sized treats. Choose from a six pack of Kit Kat snack sized bars for $14.34. Or, get six packages of Almond Joy snack size bars for $14.27. Make sure the candy you order from Amazon is currently in stock, or else it may not arrive to you in time for Halloween.

Save 20% off all Halloween candy from Family Dollar right now. You can print the coupons that go along with this sale right from their website. If you find that you have procrastinated until the very last minute, you may want to run to the local dollar store nearest you, and take advantage of their in store sale on Halloween candy. It’s hard to say what your choices will be, but, you will not have to wait for it to be shipped out to you.

Image by Jeff Turner on Flickr