Where To Get Your Photographs Developed (2)

Continuing from yesterday’s article, Where To Get Your Photographs Developed, this article will continue to show you the basic types of photo labs and places available for processing your film and getting digital prints printed. While there are many options, these articles discuss only the most basic options.

Commercial Photo Labs

Generally these are not available to the general public, however they are used for the general public. These are the labs that major discount stores, grocery stores and pharmacies send the film to process, when you drop it off for anything other than one hour service. Commercial photo labs have become easier to use for scrapbookers because many of them now accept mail orders and your photographs are printed on a computer controlled assembly line. Long gone is the personal attention that used to come from a smaller photography lab.

Custom Photo Labs

This is usually what Kodak, Ritz Camera and other camera shops offer. These are the most personal option. You are able to explain to the processor exactly what you want from your film being developed. Often this is a costly option, and it is also usually where professional photographers get their film developed. However, while being both of these things, they are also usually the highest quality, friendliest and most personal choice available to scrapbookers.

Internet Photo Upload Centers/Photo Sharing Sites

With todays technology and the ease of uploading your digital prints to various online photo sites, this is the best option for those that use a digital camera. While they are typically used only for digital processing, most companies do accept film, and many will process the film and send you a free roll. In addition, they usually offer special deals where you get any number from 15-50 prints free on your first order. This allows the consumer the ability to try out the service, see how they like the prints and decide if they’d like to continue processing/printing their pictures with them.

No matter where you choose, remember to research the place a little before simply dropping your stuff and leaving. Ask around to friends and family for references to places that they frequent.

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