Which Clothing Fabrics Hold Up the Best?

When it comes to saving money on clothing, one big factor is the fabric that the clothing is made out of. There are some types of fibers that will stand the test of time. One sweater may still be around 10 years from now, while the other could be ruined in just a few washes. Price isn’t always a factor in which clothing lasts, as we have seen in my previous post.

When you invest (or even get it used or on sale and don’t invest much money at all) in good quality clothing, you will save money. As long as you don’t overbuy your clothing, it is that simple.

So what types of fibers should you be looking for in any clothing? Well, here is where you have things stacked against you if you are buying your clothing new. Many trendy fabrics combined with new manufacturing processes designed to cut costs means that most new clothing purchased today simply won’t last as long. Still, there are certain things to look for or to avoid.

Natural fibers that are super soft, such as 100 percent cotton, wool and silk will shrink and fade quickly. It is just the way it is. Natural fibers do breathe well, which can be a plus, but they aren’t very “abrasion resistant.” This means that repeated laundering will do a number on them, and you’ll quickly find that these items are not looking their best.

Synthetic fibers tend to hold up much better to repeated washings and wearing (the oils from your body can also break down natural fibers), but they don’t breath. A nice compromise is clothing that is made out of a 50-50 blend. You will get the best of both worlds this way. You’ll love the breathability and comfort of the natural fibers combined with the durability of the synthetics.

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