Who’s Ready to SHOP? –Some Holiday Gift Ideas For Kids

Have you heard the latest news? Wal Mart and Target are going all out this year, slicing prices in the name of competition…and profit. According to Wal Mart President and Ceo, Lee Scott, “We are implementing our most aggressive pricing strategy ever across core categories, such as toys and electronics.” What does this mean for you, the consumer? In short, better prices! It also means you’d better start searching your toy ads to see which retailer offers the best price before you buy.

In case you thought it was too early to start shopping, rest assured that prices have been steadily going down on children’s toys since October, which means that the time to buy is now.

Here are a few of my favorite picks for kids this year. I have more, but for now I’m going to start with some educational gifts from Leap Frog that I know your kids will love:

Counting Maracas: For ages 6-36 months

Your baby and toddler will have hours of fun making music with these lively instruments. Sized just right for little hands, kids can shake, shake, shake their way through the music, while learning their numbers from 1-10 and their colors, too! And as an added bonus, for today’s chic bilingual baby, you can select English or Spanish.

Alphabet Drum: For ages 6-36 months

What’s more fun for a baby and toddler than a musical instrument you can hit without getting in trouble? How about one that lights up, too? The Alphabet drum is colorful and fun. Kids can choose from the various settings, offered in English and Spanish. They can pound away to the beat and learn their ABC’s. Great for learning cause and effect and for developing motor skills, this toy is a must-have for boys and girls.

Learning Town: For ages 6 months plus

If you want to give your child a head start on language, this is a wonderful gift. Every kid loves blocks, and these special blocks are part of the Learning Town collection, which teaches words, language development and motor skills. Easy to use, the child presses on the talking blocks, which in turn introduce them to more than 30 first words!

100 Hoops Basketball Counting Game: For ages 3-6 years

For your big boys and girls, this is a great game that combines the fun of basketball with learning to count. Children will delight in scoring a basket as they learn their numbers from 1-100, and learn to count backwards. They’ll even learn to count by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s, all while practicing their slam-dunk! Parents can choose to play the game in English or Spanish, which also makes this a great toy for bilingual households.

Whatever you buy this holiday season, remember to make it safe and make it educational. Leap Frog toys are a wonderful way to give your child or someone else’s child the gift of play and knowledge. What could be better?

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