Ok, today’s entry may seem like a rant and if so I apologize at the beginning. When we started the adoption process 12 years ago I was told by a member of my husband’s immediate family that “you can never love an adopted child the same as you can a biological.” When this was said we did not have our kids yet but we were in the process. This particular person thought we were adopting so that we could have the first grandchildren yes she said it. I do not know where this person got their reasoning. We were the first married and because we knew that it took a long time to go through the paperwork and training we started early in the marriage.

Here we are today 9 1/2 years after we were blessed with our kids and we are still feeling like we are battling this fight. I quite honestly am getting sick and tired of it and I know my kids are too.

Here is a question for you: if a child in your extended family falls and breaks a limb and is in a cast do you pick up the phone and call that child and talk to them? Well not in my extended family (on hubby’s side at least) I just don’t get it and maybe I never will. My oldest son fell and broke the growth plate in his hand 3 weeks ago. It was the morning of my husband’s 40th birthday and he did not say he even hurt it until after the party was over because he did not want to ruin the party. Now this kid has a heart of gold his poor thumb, hand and wrist on his writing hand is in his very first cast ever and no Aunts, Uncles or Grandparent’s on my hubby’s side picked up the phone and called the kid.

For me that is so wrong I just don’t get it. Why won’t they give my kids a chance? They really do deserve it?

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My name is Tammy and I am 40 year old mother of 3 wonderful children who came to us through domestic adoption. Although we did not have any fertility issues we chose adoption because there are so many kids that did not ask to be born but truly want a family to love. We did research on adoption choices and decided on domestic adoption through CPS. You would be surprised the differences between each agency. The adoption process is nothing like you see in the movies. I am also a 5 year breast cancer survivor. When I was diagnosed my kids were 3, 5 and 7 I did so much research I may have driven my Dr. a little crazy but that is ok it is my body not his.