Why Are More Women Walking Out?

More and more women are walking out of marriages than ever before. According to statistics 68 percent of divorces are instigated by women. This has not always been the case. What has caused the change?

These days women are better educated and many women have either not given up work for any length of time or have gone back into the work force once the children have grown a little, and are at school. As a result, more women appear more confident and are more used to looking after themselves financially. In many marriages it is a case of his money and her money rather than joint money and a financial partnership as well as in other areas.

You can’t tell me either that advertising and popular perception in movies and TV shows hasn’t got a lot to do with the change in attitudes either. It is constantly seen as normal to go out and have affairs and sleep around.

These days it appears that too often everyone is looking out for their own interests rather than that of their spouse. To me that goes against the whole idea of marriage. To me, marriage is that each person cares about the other person and their needs. They enjoy being together. They are each other’s best friend. They are happiest when together. That about sums Mick’s and my marriage I think. I could no more imagine walking out on him than I could not get up each morning.

Yesterday Mick and I were out, not doing anything particularly exciting, just doing some Christmas shopping. It was a good day because we were together, laughing and talking about what we wanted to buy for other members of our family. We weren’t doing anything special, just being together. I have no desire to be independent. Mick and I are dependent on each other.

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