Why are We Jealous?

My last article gave some of my thoughts on jealousy. The topic of jealousy came about from an article that I wrote discussing running into an ex boyfriend or an ex girlfriend. One of my readers commented that she is still very close to her ex boyfriend and that her current boyfriend has no problem with the friendship.

In my last article, I commented that I do not believe that jealousy is always tied to mistrust. I feel that a small amount of jealousy is in our human nature. Jealousy begins well before any intimate relationships. There is much more to jealousy than where men and women are concerned. Jealousy can occur at very early age between siblings. It can also occur during the teen years among friends. It can then carry over into adult relationships.

Jealousy can occur between a man and woman for several different reasons.

Jealousy can be a sign that you do not trust your mate. If you have been cheated on before or if you are in an unfaithful relationship, you may feel jealousy when your mate looks at, talks to, or comes into contact with other women. You may fear that your mate will want to have intimate relations with this person.

Unstable Relationship
If your relationship has been on the rocks or if your mate is known to flirt and not give you the attention that you need from the relationship, you may be jealous of others that he talks to. You may feel that he is giving them more attention than he gives you. You are not confident that your relationship is in the stage that it should be in for it to last.

Some people are not jealous due to the nature of their mate but due to the nature of themselves. People with low self esteems may feel jealous of others because they fear that they are not good enough for their mate. They are continuously comparing themselves to others. They feel that other women are more attractive. They do not understand why their mate has chosen them.

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