Why Celebrate Easter?

Most everyone loves having a few days off at Easter and they love Easter eggs. Many of us will probably eat way too much chocolate. But how many people stop and think about why we celebrate Easter? Do they even know? Have you ever talked to your friends about why we celebrate Easter? The world wants to depict Easter with Easter bunnies and eggs and while that can be fun, there is a deeper significance to Easter that many people are not aware of.

One idea I liked of getting the message out there came, from a teenage girl at the school where my daughter teaches. She had a lovely way of passing on the message to her classmate and teachers. She bought a number of inexpensive plastic eggs with small fluffy yellow chickens inside. Then she typed up a bible verse, which she folded inside each egg for her friends and teachers. Maybe you could do something similar.

This Easter will you invite your friends to church? Will you talk to them about the meaning of Easter? Or will you be like Jonah who wanted to keep God’s message to himself? Sometimes the reason we don’t tell others is because we leave God out of the picture. We forget that He is in this business of changing hearts and lives. But, as we were reminded recently by Archibshop Peter Jensen, ‘our obedience to God leads to blessing for others.’ What does God really want you to do this Easter? Is it enough to celebrate Easter yourself? Or does he want you to invite your friends or neighbor to church where they will hear the Easter message presented.

Is it your prayer that along with the Easter eggs, that people will receive something even more special this Easter – they will receive the gift of hope, or life, of love as they respond to the gospel message? They won’t be able to respond unless they hear it.

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