Why Create a Theme Album?

A couple of days ago, I was chatting with a lady, Maylei, on one of my scrapbooking message boards, and was startled when she asked “Why create a theme album, anyway?”. I started thinking about how I was going to answer her, and then realized that there is not a proper answer. There are however, different reasons that scrapbookers choose to do theme albums, and this is a small sampling of the most common reasons.


Theme albums are a fairly quick project if you have done your research and selected all of your items before you get started. For some a theme album might consist of a mini album made all in one time period, and for others a theme album might be an ongoing project (like a school album) where you continuously add things to it. These are much faster to complete then a traditional chronological album.


Typically a theme album is much easier to finish than any other type of layout. Usually you are sticking to one color combo, only a few coordinating embellishments and photographs that all have to do with essentially the same thing. When it is all a theme and you are following it, there is nothing easier. You won’t need to come up with new ideas for different pictures, etc.


Many people choose smaller size albums for a theme album, than what they traditionally use for their regular albums. The different size options available are fun and theme albums are perfect for them. The smaller size makes it much quicker and easier to complete.


Supplies are readily available for theme albums. Paper packs, embellishment packages and stickers all come in themes and make it easy to create an entire layout with just a few supplies on the table.

I have created a handful of theme albums, and loved them. However, they could never replace my chronological everyday scrapbooking albums. Theme albums are perfect for gift albums too. So, Maylei – that’s is why scrapbookers create theme albums.

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