Why Do I Need a Disposable Camera for Scrapbooking?

As any scrapbooker would know, the layouts are about the photos. Or at least, they are supposed to be. And most scrapbookers own a camera that has more functions than we know what to do with. Our camera is our lifeline. It is the main preserver in this hobby we love. So if I have this great camera, what do I need a disposable camera for?

Disposable camera’s are one of those commodities that a scrapbooker should not be without. There are several reasons for this, but I will give the most obvious.


Pools, Lakes, The Ocean – It’s all water, and it all means that a non-waterproof camera can get wet and ruined. Disposable camera’s come in a waterproof version, that allows photographs to be taken anywhere, including underwater. This will save your precious camera from any water damage or splashes.


Playgrounds, The Beach – Dirt and Sand can get stuck inside your camera, and can be costly to clean out. In addition, it only takes on speck of sand to ruin a camera permanently and render is useless. Having a disposable around at these places, helps to ensure a clean camera anywhere else.

No Camera’s Allowed

No, I am not suggesting that you go against a rule that an event or place has, that states camera’s are not allowed. I don’t break laws, and you shouldn’t either. However, some places request that a camera not be permitted in, because of other reasons – the ability to hide weapons, etc. If a place is simply asking that a real camera not be allowed, often they will allow a disposable camera in its place. Ask before you assume you can use it.

Just In Case

How many times have you been somewhere, and wished you had your camera? I think that thought crosses my mind at least once a day. Pop a disposable camera in your purse or diaper bag and you will always have one with you.

Disposable camera’s are an item that we always have around in our house. I haven’t missed as many shots as I would have, if I hadn’t had that spare camera in my purse, glove box, and tote bag. Disposable camera’s can be purchased at bulk warehouses for fairly inexpensively, along with discount department store chains. Avoid purchasing them at gas stations, as they are often several dollars more.