Why Do Little Boys Run?

Because that’s what little boys do. I have had at least a dozen well-meaning men tell me this. You see, Tyler runs all of the time. It’s like he’s training for the New York marathon or some similar race. This often leaves me frustrated and asking, “Why are you running!” If any member of the male species is in earshot they always answer my question with the same answer, “Because that’s what little boys do.”

As a child I was a tom boy and I liked running and climbing and jumping as much as the next fellow but I did so in moderation. Tyler has so much energy it makes me dizzy. Some kids are laid back and others are high energy. Tyler definitely falls into the latter category. No amount of admonishment seems to stop him from running when his feet feel the urge to take off. Yet and still I continue to ask the question over and over again. Or I caution him to stop running, “…before you run into something or someone!” Or one of my favorites, “If you don’t stop running..” Of course, I don’t finish the sentence because really what can I do if he does not stop running? Nothing really.

So why do I do it. Why try to force a seven-year-old to do something that’s part of normal development? Is it a control issue? Do we worry that people will think our kids are unruly and wild? Probably a bit of both. The one thing I am learning is that no matter how much I want Tyler to stop running (or jumping or talking incessantly) he’s not going to do it simply because I will him to do it. Eventually he’s going to settle down. I had hoped that he would have started down that path but…

If you have a high energy son and find yourself wondering why he’s always running know that it’s because that’s what little boys do. Eventually they will stop but for now it’s just another one of those developmental stages that we have to muddle though. So embrace your wild child, both of you will be a lot happier if you do.

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