Why Do Men Put Their Wives Down When Male Friends are Present?

In many cases, the behavior of men and women remain a mystery to each other. There are things about the opposite sex that we will never truly understand.

Until we somehow can experience what the other thinks and feels, we can never fully grasp why each other carries out certain behaviors.

One action that is usually greatly different among men and women is the way that each other is perceived and commented upon by their spouse in front of friends.

Women tend to like to make their husband appear to be better when she describes him to her friends. She would at least like to be able to tell her friends how much help is to her and how romantic their relationship is with one another.

Men however are a different story. For some odd reason men prefer to put their wives down in front of friends. Most men make some type of wisecrack comment about their wife’s cooking or cleaning habits when the male friends are present.

It seems that less secure men are afraid of uplifting their wives in front of friends due to looking “whipped”, “hen pecked”, or “not in charge”. They feel that by admitting to friends that they appreciate their wives, they would appear weak and less dominant.

If questioned about the comments made about their wives while male friends are present, most men will say that they were just kidding or joking and that no harm was done.

While in most cases, the wives realize that their husbands are just boosting their egos, it can be hurtful if the comments become too harsh or many.

A smart comment to his friends every now and then is nothing to worry about. Somewhere among the comments should be a few positive remarks. However, if your husband is constantly putting you down in front of others, you may want to discuss the issue with him and let him know how it makes you feel.

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