Why Do You Love Your Spouse?

You may think this is a stupid question, but it’s a real one. Take a moment and think about it. Why do you love your spouse? You tell them you love them every day, hopefully. You demonstrate it in small ways and through your gifts and your actions. But why do you love your spouse? Have you ever thought of telling them why you love them?

Write Them a Letter

Here is a thought this holiday season, sit down and write a letter and describe why you love your spouse. Tell them about their positive qualities, their caring qualities, and their loving qualities and tell them why you love them. Ask them sometime if they know why you love them – have you ever wondered when your spouse says they love you – why do they care about me so much?

In the beginning of most relationships, we often feel that way. We don’t always believe we are deserving of love and caring. We don’t always understand why this person feels this way about us and when that self-doubt creeps in – it can leave us focusing on all the little things that go wrong and on the fear we feel because we worry that some day they will wake up and realize that we’re not worth it.

If we feel that way – it’s not a hard leap to believe that our spouse may feel that way at time. Conflict is natural in any relationship and it’s easy to just focus on what’s wrong, instead of what’s right. So this holiday season, you should sit down and write your spouse a letter to tell them why you do love them. Describe to them your feelings and what it is about them that you love so deeply. Don’t bring the negative into it and don’t blame them for problems real or imagined – this is a letter about why you love them and not about what you are irritated about.

Trust me – your spouse will love it. So, why do you love your spouse?

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