Why Don’t They Get It?

My sister in law is trying to plan an outing to celebrate their Dad’s birthday and his completion of chemotherapy. Finishing chemotherapy is definitely something that should be celebrated but there are something’s that no one is considering. The first being that he will only be complete in his chemo for 2 weeks; having gone through chemo I know he is still going to be low on energy, appetite and may still be nauseas.

When we tried to nicely explain this to my sister in law her reply was “Yeah I know”. Well considering between me and her there is only one of us that has gone through chemo and that is me so she does not know. She does not know how chemo makes you feel, how it stays in your system for a while; she just does not know. Personally I am glad that she does not know what chemo feels like. I wish that we lived in a world where there was no more need for chemo but we don’t.

We suggested doing a weekend getaway in the spring so he has time to get his energy back and so he will feel a little better. Well we apparently are the only ones in the family that thinks this is a bad idea because they are all going to do it. Oh I forgot to mention the best part; she put a plea on face book for a rental to use at no charge so a friend of hers offered a time share with 2 beds that the family could use. There is 8 adults and 4 kids 12 and under in the immediate family so 12 people utilizing 2 beds and 1 ½ baths!! Does anyone else see the problem?

We searched the web, found a cabin that is on a lake with 6 bedrooms and because we know money is tight for them we offered to pay for it. Don’t get me wrong we are tight on money right now because of my recent lay off but it would have been worth it for everyone to have their own beds. When we offered to do this do you know what her answer was? No we really want to use the free one because it was offered for free.

Here is another problem we have my husband is finally going back to work on Monday after 5 weeks off for having his kidney removed does anyone think he should be sleeping on an air mattress on the floor?

What should we do? If we don’t go my husband and kids will miss celebrating his birthday. If we do go sardines would have more room in their can than we do.

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