Why Homeschool?

Why Homeschool?

There are so many benefits and reasons why, but here are just a few:

1. You are your child’s influence.
2. Homeschooled children score at or above average on standardized tests.
3. The world is your classroom. Students are no longer confined to a desk in order to learn.
4. Colleges and universities welcome homeschooled students. There are scholarships for homeschooled students as well.
5. Homeschooling promotes learning experiences relevant to real world experiences.
6. Homeschooling brings your family closer together.
7. You choose your children’s curriculum.
8. Homeschooling encourages creativity and critical thinking.
9. Your home is a relaxed learning environment.
10. Unlimited availability of resources and support.
11. Socialization will not only be with their peers, but also adults and younger children allowing more opportunity to learn how to interact with others.
12. Your children are safe in your home.

These are some interesting facts. More interesting is that an estimated one million children in the United States are home educated with this number steadily rising.

Homeschool is a lifestyle for a family. Learning is involved in everything that you do.

As anyone who has bought a new home knows, there is a lot involved. When we purchased our home last year our son had the opportunity to see the process involved. From meeting with realtors, to signing papers for the mortgage he was observing and learning. Learning how to conduct himself in a business situation, something that he would have missed sitting at a desk all day.

Also, thanks to this “real world” experience matched with carefully chosen curriculum for your child, colleges and universities are delighted to have homeschoolers as part of their student body. Homeschoolers’ background in self-directed study makes them ideal college students.

In your home your children are safe. The news is so troubling when you see students bringing guns to school, tales of bullying, drugs, etc. In your home your child’s focus is on his/her studies, not all the distractions that are associated with a public school environment.

Even with all the benefits of homeschooling, you may still have concerns that you as your child’s teacher are not “qualified.” How do you know if you are qualified to teach your children?

Read my next blog to find out!