Why I Am a Safety Blogger, and Why I Love Bringing You the Information

When the opportunity came to me to become a blogger for Families.com I didn’t hesitate to send along my information and details that were required for the application. My family is very important to me. It’s my life. I have two daughters, ages six and four. I had my children young, which I believe is a great thing. I also have a wonderful and helpful fiancé who is the best father in the world.

Out of all of the topics to choose from, Safety popped out at me the most. Some might call me a safety freak, or even paranoid. The safety of my family, as well as my extended family is vital to me. I know there will be bumps and bruises along the way. That’s part of life. What I am worried about is the worst thing of all – death.

I fear this the most. I have seen so many people around me drop dead so young. I started getting used to the idea of death at the ripe age of seven. That was when my brother, Brian, was killed in a car accident. He was only twenty-two. When I was ten years old, my sister, Sheila, was murdered in New Hampshire. She was only twenty-eight. The case remains open to this day. Sheila’s son (my nephew) became my brother when my parents took custody of him when he was nine. I was four. Jay arrived at my home with much confusion to me. When Jay turned eighteen, he entered the Army. After his four years of service, he then signed up for the National Guard in the 744th Transportation Company. He resigned even after 9/11. That’s when I knew he was going to go to war. I expected him to die. Somehow I just knew. On March 29th, 2004, Jay was murdered in Iraq by a roadside bomb. He was only twenty-seven, and a new father. More recently, my sister Cindy’s son, Justin, accidentally killed himself. He was only seventeen.

These are the reasons I care so deeply about safety. Every blog I write brings me joy. I hope I can help other families out there not have to go through any of this – ever. No one deserves pain like this. I want my blogs to bring you the information and education you and your family need to keep you safe.

So, this is my story of why being a Safety blogger is so important to me, and close to my heart. Thank you for reading.