Why My Heart Melts

I am sure when people look at children with disabilities some have pity for them. I however have not and will never pity my Mia. Mia is so much more than her disability. This is my tribute to her and all the things she does to melt my heart, and why I love her more and more each and every day.

1. When she wakes up and says, “I hungwey.”

2. When as soon as she is dressed she HAS to put on socks and shoes, even in the house.

3. How when she runs out of juice in her sippy cup she says, “appo juice pwease.”

4. How no matter what we are doing, if piano is said she jumps and and finds her piano and plays it.

5. The way I can say “I’m gonna gitcha.” she squeals in delight and runs in place, like she is trying to get away.

6. When she sings her songs in her sweet little voice.

7. How at lunch time she always wants pan con cueso, if she is in a Spanish mood, or a cheese sammich, if she is in an English mood.

8. That as soon as she is done with lunch, she goes to her room, grabs her binky, and lays down. Even when I haven’t told her it is naptime.

9. The way she laughs and giggles when we play “ring around the rosy” and it is time to “fall down”.

10. When she is being swung in circles she gets so dizzy and falls down. She just lays on the floor and laughs so hard.

11. How when it is snack time she always wants quackers of some kind.

12. The way she repeats just about everything that is said around her.

13. How much she loves bathtime and to play in the water.

14. She even melts my heart when she says, “nooooo.”

15. She comes up to me and says, “sentarse con mami” (sit with mommy) out of the blue.

16. When she walks over and grabs my hand,or arm,or whatever body part she can, and kisses it.

17. That when she cries she always comes to me for comfort.

18. When Mia and my husband are playing together, and she hugs him tight, gives him a kiss, and says, “I lub you daddy.”

I could go on and on but I will stop with the last two and call it good with twenty.

19. When she says “I lub you” or I lub you, goo night.”

And last but not least

20. When I come home from work, even after only 3 hours, I am welcomed by, “MOMMY!” and a fifteen minute hug and cuddle

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About Nichole True

Nichole is a married SAHM to a 3 year old from Guatemala, that was brought into thier family through the miracle of adoption. Her daughter Mia is legally blind with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia (OHN), Nystagmus, and Strabismus. Mia has been diagnosed as legally blind but they do not know an exact vision number like 20/200 yet. Nichole hopes to be able to get a more accurate diagnosis as Mia gets older and can communicate better. Nichole worked for 5 years in the Wichita, KS school district as a special education cllassroom Para-educator, and as a one on one Para-educator for a child that has Cerebral Palsy and is wheelchair bound. She was able to watch him grow and learn and learned a lot about the education plans for children with special needs. Nichole is excited to be here and hopes to learn from everyone here.