Why Should I Have a Garage Sale?

Often I am asked by well meaning family and friends, why I hold garage sales. Do I need the money that badly? Do I really have that much stuff to get rid of? The answer to both of those questions, is no.

I do not need the money I make from a garage sale. I do not have some overdue bill to pay so I have to sell all my stuff. No. That is not the case at all. However, I do enjoy making the money for a major purchase or to fund a vacation or outing we are planning. More on that later.

I do not have that much stuff either. Often, I collect things from friends, family and neighbors, plus I have my own items that I might grow tired of, my children outgrow or that I was given and don’t need. I am a really simplistic person. I do not really enjoy knick knacks everywhere, and I like the look and feel of a very simple, clean room. Because of this, I often have things I can get rid of and sell in a garage sale. Plus I like to change things around a lot! I might decide to reuse a dresser that has been sitting in storage for awhile, or sell it in my next garage sale so I can pick something else up at another.

The reason to have a garage sale is to de-clutter your life. Do you really need four dish sets, three of which are not complete? Do you really use as many bedding sets as you probably have stored in your linen closet? And have you ever looked through your kitchen utensils to find you have duplicates of many items? All these things can be treasures to others.

The next biggest reason why I choose to hold garage sales is to make a big purchase or to save money up for a trip. Last year we had a garage sale that netted us enough money to go on a weekend trip. It was great. I have also used money from my garage sales to pay for a new DVD player I wanted, purchase new clothes, new toys or even fund a party we wanted to throw. So, that money you earn from the garage sale, can be used for almost anything you want to apply it towards.

That is why you should have a garage sale! Does anyone else have any other reasons they have garage sales?

Keep watching the garage sale section of the frugal living blog for great tips, and techniques to make your garage sale experience, whether selling or buying, a frugal good time!

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