Why Should I Have My Devotions In the Morning?

In our heads, we all know that having personal time alone with God is vital to our Christian life. However, so often life seems to get in the way. Are you having trouble getting your time alone with God and making it count? Consider these reasons for having your devotions earlier in the day.

1. I know how hard it is to get up in the morning. However, the fact remains that for many people, if they don’t get their devotional time in the morning while the kids are still in bed, they won’t get it at all that day. Life gets busier as the day goes on and your devotions will be pushed further and further back if you let them, until suddenly, you will find that it is night time, the kids are in bed and you are too tired to open your Bible.

2. Setting your focus on God first thing in the morning will guide your perspective throughout the day. How can you have a Godly, sweet disposition with your kids and spouse during the day if you haven’t spent time with God, preparing yourself spiritually? Seek God first and ask Him to be your Guide throughout the day. Neglecting your spiritual life in the morning is like waving the white flag of surrender before the battle has even begun.

3. Having your devotions in the morning before your children are awake provides you with a distraction-free environment. I have tried to read my Bible on the couch while the kids are playing around me. Caleb is waving a book at me begging me to read or Evelyn is fussing to be held or nursed every few minutes. I could spend a full three minutes trying to read one verse. How can we “Be still and know” that He is God (Psalm 46:10) when our attention is being pulled from Him constantly?

4. The Bible gives us the admonition to seek God in the morning. David said, “Early will I seek Thee” in Psalm 63:1. In Psalm 5 he says, “…in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee…” Let’s follow his example!

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