Why Should I Participate in Scrapbooking Challenges

It seems that everywhere I look these days, scrapbooker’s are putting out challenges to other scrapbooker’s to try new and different things, make others think outside the box and expose them to valuable experiences. In fact there are entire blogs and we have a whole section dedicated to challenges. So why do scrapbooker’s participate in all of these challenges? And should you?

This is absolutely up to you. But here are a few benefits from joining in on these challenges.

Motivation – Most of us probably need a little push here and there to get caught up and stay caught up. It also is motivating to see what others are doing with the same topic or challenge and it is a huge plus that you want to get yours done to show off to others too.

Time – Often we find that we have very little time too scrapbook. Seems almost like an oxymoron doesn’t it? So these challenges can help us get some scrapbooking done. They are designed to help you along in your scrapbooking whether you are way behind or totally caught up.

Themes – One of the best part of scrapbooking layout challenges is that sometimes we get to really think outside the box and scrapbook something we might not have scrapbooked otherwise. In addition, sometimes the challenges require use of special techniques, trying something new, using an old supply, etc. All of these have plenty of benefits in your layouts and for you to feel like you are getting something accomplished.

Fun – I think the very best part of the challenges is that they are typically a lot of fun to complete and even more fun to go back and look at for years in the albums. Plus, as I mentioned, they make you think outside the box and often you will scrapbook things you might not otherwise have thought of, like what’s in the dresser drawer next to the bed.

Have fun with all of our challenges here on families.com.

For past challenges, visit the Inspiration section.

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