Five Reasons to Store Food

Here in the Preparedness blog I will be writing numerous articles on how to store food. But some of you may ask yourselves, “What is the point?” Even if you know on the surface that storing food is a good idea, can you imagine reasons that you might actually need to use your food storage? Are there other reasons other than extreme emergencies where it might be helpful to have stored food?

In order to be best prepared to use your food storage when you need it, it is necessary to think about what types of emergencies you are planning ahead for. By yourself or with your family, brainstorm some possible scenarios where it would be necessary or useful to have stored foods on hand. Your list will vary depending on your climate and other factors. Here are a few events to keep in mind:

Weather-related disasters
Some of these may include:

* Being snowed in
* Flooded or icy streets
* Hurricanes, tornadoes, extreme storms

Loss of employment and/or income
People that store food are most likely going to use it for a time when one or both adults are out of work. Having food stored at a time such as this takes away the stress of how to pay for food, and leaves the money you do have free to be used for other necessities.

Spike in grocery store prices
If crops fail in some parts of the world one year causing a drastic rise in the price of specific grocery items, your family will have peace of mind knowing that you aren’t relying on fluctuating costs in the food market.

Power outages
Being without power is a scary thought in our day of microwave dinners and electronic gadgets. Storing food for when the grocery stores are closed (and knowing how to use it) is essential in keeping your family safe and provided for in an emergency.

Biohazard scare
Today, concern people have is of a biohazard terrorist act that leaves us confined to our homes for safety. If this ever happened, you would be able to survive if you had food stored at home to sustain your family.

These are only a few of the reasons why you might choose to store food. Perhaps your reasons are completely different. Whatever your motivation is, think of storing food as a form of insurance on the life and welfare of those you love.

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