Why Teach Respect?

There is much more to teaching than the core subjects such as math, science, and literature.

An academically sound person is not necessarily a productive and successful adult. Children need to learn more than ABCs and 123s.

As a teacher, academics are very important to me. However, I do not always consider my smartest student to be my best student. It is much more impressive for me to meet a kindergarten student that refers to me as ‘Ma’am’ and uses words such as ‘please’ and ‘thank-you’ than it is for me to meet a kindergarten student that is reading on a third grade level.

When a student gives respect to adults and uses manners, the student is more than capable of learning. The attention and desire must come before the learning can take place.

At one point in time, children came to school knowing manners and respecting their teachers. However, times are different. Because fewer students are learning respect at home, it is now being taught at school.

At school, teachers teach children how to respect themselves as well as others.

Some parents have seemed to have lost touch with the value of teaching respect to children.

Children who show respect to adults and authority get into trouble less. The have fewer discipline problems early in life and therefore fewer troubles later in life. Teaching children respect can save a lot of pain and heartbreak in the future.

The easiest way to teach respect is to show respect. When parents or teachers talk down to children or belittle them, they are teaching the children that it is okay not to respect others. In life we earn respect by giving it to others.

While many children do not see or hear respect at home, they should at least be able to come to school and be respected by their teachers and classmates. A class that respects each other grows together.

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