Why Walk With Your Baby?

Walk With Baby

Today was a walking day. We walked and we walked, my four-year-old and I. We’re walking sorts of people. Yes, sometimes we complain, and often we get wet, but we walk everywhere. Here’s why:

When you have a baby, walking helps keep you fit. It’s a gentle way to get leg and pelvic muscles into shape again. You can walk quickly or you can walk slowly, you can walk for a long time or a short time. It is the perfect exercise, and you don’t need a gym membership to do it.

Walking keeps you sane. When you’re sleep deprived and you are stuck in the house with a baby who has colic or is teething or is just not sleeping (or all three), then it is good to have a routine that keeps you sane. Walking gets you out of the house and into a healthy daily routine.

Walking is a good way to meet your neighbors. When you have a new baby, life can seem lonely, especially if you were working before you had your child and you’re at home now. You may have worked at a job that you commuted to, had social circles around town, and now you feel stuck. Walking around the neighborhood may not win you a best friend, but you have the opportunity to be social with other parents and with others who pass by. It can help make your neighborhood feel like it is a safe, interesting, and friendly place to be.

Walking is also an inexpensive way to get around. If you’re on a budget and in an urban area, walking can be a remarkably effective way to visit with a friend, do light grocery shopping, or go to the library. It’s a free mode of transportation.

Do you walk with your baby? If not, why not? Is it hard or does it feel unsafe to walk around your neighborhood?