Why Watch Old Movies?

What can we gain from watching late night movies? One night this week my husband and I watched the late night movie ‘The Boy With Green Hair’ starring Pat O Brien, who is a favorite old actor of mine.

In this movie he plays the kind of grandfather any child would want. Although the child, Peter, calls him Gramps he is not the child’s real grandfather.

Peter and Gramps get along well and the town is accepting of him until the day his hair turns green! Then Peter finds out about peer pressure (not just from kids in town but the grown ups as well) and how difficult it is to be different from everyone else.

Peter believes he was given his green hair for a reason and that he has a mission. The trouble is not everyone wants to listen. They refuse to believe the reason for his green hair and the reason for his mission.

Like the boy with green hair, Christians are called to be different. But being different is hard. It makes you stand out. As Peter finds out, it leaves you open to ridicule and suspicion.

In the film Peter wants to be the same as everyone else. For the Christian this is not an option. If our words and actions are no different to those of our non-Christian neighbors, then what are revealing about the truth of our message and the Savior we profess to follow. We are called to be salt and light in the world, Matthew 5:13-16. Our presence needs to be noticeable and to make a difference.

Christians have a message. Like the townsfolk in the movie, not everyone will want to listen or believe our message. Some will ridicule or persecute us. Jesus warned his disciples those who persecuted him would also persecute his followers, John 15:20.

Are you prepared to stand out, to be different and not give up? Are you like the boy with green hair ready and available to pass on the message?

Peter is told in the film, ‘If they forget. Remind them.’ Will you be a reminder to others of the truth of the gospel and the way it can change lives? Who can you pass on the message to and share the good news of Jesus with this week?

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