Will Intimacy During Pregnancy Cause Miscarriage?

There was a time when women were told that intimacy during pregnancy would cause miscarriages. Now they are told that intimacy is fine and it will cause no problems with the pregnancy. Whom are you to believe?

Intimacy during pregnancy is usually okay. Unless you have had problematic previous births such as, miscarriages, suffering from vaginal bleeding, cervix or placenta irregularities, intimacy is fine. During your first trimester, your interest in sex may wane due to nausea and exhaustion. During your second trimester increased blood flow throughout your body may increase your desire for intimacy but it will most likely wane again during your third trimester. These are normal peaks and valleys in the sex drive during pregnancy. Communication, communication, communication is the key. Convey to your partner how you are feeling, assuring him that your lack of desire has nothing to do with him and everything to do with the discomforts of pregnancy.

Just because sex has become uncomfortable or is no longer safe for your baby doesn’t mean intimacy has to stop. In fact, find your husband and make him read this section. Intimacy involves more than the sexual act. It involves gentle touches, compliments, foot massages, back massages, small notes of appreciation . . . use your imaginations. This is a precious time in which you can build and strengthen your relationship through small, thoughtful acts which increase your sense of intimacy. Do not stop interacting just because you’re uncomfortable with your pregnancy, your weight, or the doctor has implemented the “no sex” clause. Explore one another’s thoughts, dreams and desires. And husbands, this is the time to pamper your wife, she not only needs it, she deserves it!