Will Smith Says Divorce is not an Option

There are many celebrity marriage tales in which the couple splits or files for divorce very soon after marrying. It is almost the Hollywood standard that your marriage should not last over a few years.

While several different articles have been written about specific celebrity marriage break ups and why Hollywood marriages do not last, it was refreshing to read an article on one star that is out to make his marriage last a lifetime.

Will Smith, actor and singer, has made his commitment to his wife and vows to keep the commitment strong. He says the way to make a marriage last is to take divorce out of the picture. Smith is married to actress Pinkett Smith.

Will and Pinkett Smith say that with the option of divorce being removed from their marriage, they have no choice but to work through the tough times. They both agree that if they felt divorce was an option there would be some point in time when it would be considered. However, they just do not let the thought come into their marriage.

They have made their commitment and they are stuck together for life. Therefore the two feel that if they are going to be together they might as well be happy.

The commitment that the two stars made sounds much like the commitment that couples make when they enter a covenant marriage. Sadly, this attitude should not be one that takes a special marriage or even is extraordinary enough to make the media. This type of attitude toward marriage should be the norm not the abnormal.

Although it does sadden me to realize that most do not feel the way that the Smith couple feels about marriage, it does please me to see a well known and admired couple set this example for others.

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