Will Tanning Help You Lose Weight?

For the many people who live in areas of the world that experience all four change of
seasons, when the cold winter months are lurking around, many of us hibernate to the
indoors and never see the sunlight. Due to this lifestyle, the vitamin D our bodies get
from daily exposure to the sun is lessened and many individuals begin to suffer the
effects from this loss. Even though there are warnings concerning the sun, our skin, and
cancer; many doctor studies have recently discovered that the natural light from the sun is
more helpful than harmful.

The vitamin D our bodies absorbs from sunlight serves many purposes like protecting our
bones, giving our muscles more strength, and even fighting against certain diseases like
Cancer, MS, and Diabetes! Besides the way the sunlight makes many of us feel all warm
and happy, it stimulates the immune system, metabolism, and cell growth. Without the
immune system working properly, the metabolism cannot work and weight loss will not
occur. When our bodies ache and we feel a lack of energy, the last thing we want to do is
exercise; but Vitamin D gives us an energy booster which many of us need to continue
our fitness routine when the temperatures drop below 40 degrees.

The recommended dose for adults of vitamin D from The National Academies is the
minimum of 200 to 600 IU each day; a half hour of sun in the summer months gives
10,000 to 12,000 units! Is there no wonder why in the colder months many people begin
to gain weight and their fitness level shrinks? This is all due to the lack of sun and
vitamin D.

What suggestions are there for people living in colder areas of the world during the
winter season?

Besides moving to an area of the world where the sun strength emits Vitamin D daily,
researchers have suggested either buying a sun lamp, sun bulbs, or investing in a tanning
salon membership. If radiation or UV rays are a concern, salons like Hollywood Tans
only use the highest wattage of bulbs that do not emit the harmful rays of sunlight. The
maximum amount of time is monitored as well as the time in between tanning sessions.
Precautions are also taken like tanning lotion and coverage for your eyes is a must.

Besides the obvious of the physical attributes from going weekly to a tanning salon of
wearing less makeup and having a golden brown tone, the internal effects help with
sticking to your fitness routine which in turn continues with losing weight. If you find
during the colder months when your outdoor routine changes due to the intolerable
bitterness, try one of the many topics discussed.

Companies like Philips now make light bulbs which can be used in any lighting fixture
which replicate the natural sunlight. Home tanning products from a small sun lamp to a
full tanning bed have become more popular and less expensive. The option of paying for
a tanning salon membership seems to be the most popular. Many offer specials like
$20.00 a month for unlimited tanning. Comparing to relocating and moving to a new
climate, the cost to bring Vitamin D back into your body is well worth the try.