Win an iPad2 With Apps For Kids With Special Needs

iPad2 There is a website called Apps For Children With Special Needs. This weekend, they will be holding a party on their Facebook page that comes with a contest. You could win an iPad2 loaded with apps that are helpful for children who have special needs. Lots of codes for free apps will also be given out.

It is truly amazing how useful the iPad is. Those who know how keep designing apps that are particularly useful for children who have special needs, and for their parents and teachers. There have been plenty of stories in the news about schools that are using the iPad with children who have been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum.

Certain apps that can be downloaded and installed onto the iPad are tools that can be used to help children with autism to communicate with people. Other apps are designed to give information to parents about their child’s special need. Of course, in order to use any of the plethora of apps that have been designed for the iPad you have to actually have an iPad. They are rather expensive, and may be out of the price range for parents who have children with special needs.

This weekend, June 11, 2011, the Apps For Children With Special Needs website will be hosting a contest where you could win an iPad2 that is loaded with a variety of appropriate apps. They will be doing this through their Facebook page.

In order to be eligible to win an iPad click the “like” button on their Facebook page. You need to be a person who is involved with special needs in some way. This could mean that you are a parent of a child who has special needs, or it could mean that you are a teacher who works with students who have special needs. The party will be split into those two different groups, so that apps that are more appropriate for one group can be aimed toward them. You also need to purchase a ticket, and make a donation of at least $10.00 towards the iPad fund.

In order to choose winners, the tickets will be pulled out of a hat. This will take place on video, so you can watch it happen. There also will be plenty of codes posted on their Facebook page that will allow you to download certain apps for free. There will be some questions posted on their main website, which, if answered correctly, could win you ten or more apps at one time.

You can check the Apps For Children With Special Needs website to see a long list of many of the apps that will be given away at their party. It tells you what the apps are, and who donated them. A quick scroll through the list reveals that there will be a wide variety of apps given out this weekend.

Image by Mike P. on Flickr