Win Free Pizza for a Year From Rustic Crust!

pizza Does your family love pizza? Do you have a tradition where a certain night of the week is “pizza night”? If so, then you will want to visit the Rustic Crust Facebook page. You could win free pizza for a year!

What’s for dinner? This is a question that must be answered by all families, each and every night. It’s nice when everybody’s schedule fits together so that your entire family can sit down at the table and have a nice dinner. There is something special about having that type of opportunity to talk about how everyone’s day went. It helps keep families connected, and close, to each other.

Most families enjoy having a weekly “pizza night”. Ordering out for pizza once a week can get a bit expensive. One way to cut down on costs is to visit the Rustic Crust Facebook page and click on the “like” button. That will get you entered to win free pizza for a year.

Rustic Crust was founded in 1996. The company is based in New Hampshire. They make all natural, Old World pizza crusts and flatbreads. They sell ready-made crusts and frozen flatbread pizzas. Everything comes from dough that was formed by hand, allowed to slowly ferment, and that has been baked in custom ovens. Your family can use the pizza crusts as a starting point to making a pizza together from fresh ingredients.

So, first you click “like” on the Rustic Crust Facebook page. This enters you into the “first-in-the-nation Pizza Primary 2012”. Next, you need to vote, and “choose your candidate”. You will be voting for “Pizza-in-Chief”. To vote, click the “like” button next to the description of the Rustic Crust pizza that you like best. Each has their own “platform”. Here are a few of the “candidates”:

Cheesy Herb – “You can never have too much cheese in your life.”

Italian Herb – “We need a crust that’s been around.”

Classic Sour Dough – “Sourdough’s the reason the first pizza pies were classics!”

Organic Great Grains – “A multi-grain encounter of the organic kind”.

Napoli Herb *gluten free – “A pie for all the people!”

You can click on a link to read more details about each of these crusts. It is rather amusing how they are all modeled in the style of a Presidential campaign. The gluten free one has the motto of: “I will not stand for (gluten) intolerance!” Cast your vote for the pizza crust you like best. Before you leave the page, fill out the form to get a coupon that will save you $1.00 off two Rustic Crust pizza crusts.

Image by Ted Major on Flickr