Wings of Nature Organic Crunch Bars

Sometime between lunch and dinner I feel the sudden urge to grab a snack that satisfies a hunger that calls for a bit of sweetness and crunch. I am never sure what exactly I want but I end up grabbing the first thing that appeals which sadly enough could be a cookie, a few chocolate chips, or another selection I regret. During late afternoon we all get a bit tired and our sugar is low so we crave something a bit sweet to get us through until dinner. However, you don’t want to grab something that will wreck your daily intake of calories, fat and sugar.

When Wings of Nature came to my attention I was immediately interested in trying the snack bars they offer. I love snack bars. I love protein bars. Simple, filling, satisfies crunch and sweetness but normally the taste is not up to par. I deal with that because I am insistent that I will not spend my afternoons eating a bag of cookies. But who likes to settle for subpar taste? I did not expect much out of Wings of Nature other than another bar that I could at least stomach. Well, Wings of Nature bars are a bit different. These bars are a true snack. The bars are not a substitute for a meal or your daily intake of any vitamin or protein. The bars are simply a snack that serves to keep you energized in a tasty and healthy way. In fact, I was impressed with how good the bars tasted. Be warned, the bars contain a good amount of raisins so if that isn’t your cup of tea you may not like these. The raisins add to the natural sweetness of the product. You won’t find crazy ingredients or sugars in Wings of Nature. The bars are organic and made with the natural sweetness of agave and brown rice syrup. No worries if you are on a vegan or gluten free diet with these bars! The bars are full of nuts, raisins and dried fruit. It’s almost like a trail mix in bar form. Because it is all natural with fruit and nuts as the heart of the product the taste is not compromised. It simply tastes like the ingredients listed.

Wings of Nature comes in three flavors:
Espresso – Made with organic coffee beans this gives a rich espresso flavor to the bar. This one is my favorite!

Almond Raisin – Dried fruit and nuts infuse this bar with a lovely flavor.

Cranberry – Along with the nuts, raisins, and usual agave syrup and brown rice syrup in all the bars, this one also contains coffee beans and a rick cranberry taste. Great for on the go!

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