Winter Wonderland Vacation

If you didn’t find a plane ticket to Hawaii in your Christmas stocking this morning, then you might as well make the most of your chilly surroundings… or someone else’s frigid environment.

Tis the season to travel to the world’s most popular winter festivals.

The coldest season of the year brings with it a myriad of outdoor celebrations, which encourage travelers to bundle up, and enjoy Old Man Winter and all his Artic glory. If you are looking for a cool place to spend part of your winter break, check out the following freezing festivals:


They don’t call it the home of the Frozen Tundra for nothing. Wisconsin’s winters tend to last well into May, but that doesn’t mean you have to steer clear of the northern state until summer. Rather, get a taste of real cold air by heading to Cedarburg’s Winter Festival. The event is slated for February 4-5, 2012, and promises to be a good time for visitors of all ages. Located just north of Milwaukee, Cedarburg’s Winter Festival boasts an annual Ice-Burg Open Golf Tournament, beer barrel races, and a Sleeping Beauty costumed bed race on ice. There’s also an outdoor snow bar and various other ice capades to view or participate in.


Anchorage’s Fur Rendezvous is a legendary 10-day winter festival that attracts crazies from all over the region. Listen, you have to be a bit off your rocker to race outhouses across the snow and ice. Still, the event is all about having fun in the great outdoors. From February 24 to March 4, 2012, you can view the Fur Rondy, which transforms softball into a winter sport with snowshoes. There are also massive organized snowball fights, the highly anticipated Open World Championship Sled Dog Races and the Running of the Reindeer. You can even purchase a fresh fur caught by local trappers at the festival’s auction.

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